Pillow blocks, bearing units, rod ends

We offer a wide selection of self-aligning adjustable single-piece supports, rod end bearings and ball joints. Various materials are available for the bearing units: cast iron, pressed metal sheet, stainless steel and special zinc alloys “Silver” and “Stainless Silver”.

Rod ends and bearing units
Rod ends and bearing units

Rod ends and bearing units made by the Japanese manufacturer ASAHI® can be used in many different applications.

The pillow blocks have an internal locking pin that prevents the bearings from rotating inside their slot, and help to obtain a better alignment. This detail extends the item’s lifespan.

The available array is amongst the widest worldwide, and it includes cast iron, pressed metal and stainless steel pillow blocks. Upon request we can provide bearing units suitable for protective caps, for high temperature working environment or for heavy radial loads.


  • Suitable for a wide range of loads
  • Extremely long lifespan of the internal ball bearing
  • Ball bearing is well protected by a double seal
  • Support high mechanical resistance
  • Easy and safe locking on transmission shaft
  • Tempered internal ball raceway
  • The system prevents rotation of bearing internal ring around the shaft
  • Easy positioning during assembly
Rod ends
Rod ends

Melucci offers a complete range of ball joints, spherical terminals and spherical joints, thus covering an extremely wide range of uses and applications in various industrial fields.

ESBAL® spherical joints are suitable wherever the motion transmission between variable angles elements is needed (i.e. levers, drives, pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders). Thanks to their structure, ball joints can help to reduce costs and make the whole system easier to assemble, especially when variable geometry parts are needed or when the parts are subject to limited rotation speed.


  • High safety
  • Can manage high misalignment angles
  • Suitable for heavy duties
  • Long lifespan

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