Technology. Components. Linear motion transmission.

The best technology for linear motion transmission

We offer the best high-tech solutions, suitable for every linear motion application.

The broad selection of products, including ball linear guides, roller linear guides and miniature linear guides, allows us to approach the market with the best solution, specifically designed for the single customer.

Also, the total interchangeability of our systems with other brands allows us to grant continuity for customer’s application

MELUCCI is part of SCAGLIA group, a tradition started in 1974.

Scaglia group is one of the most important manufacturers worldwide, and it’s a well-known supplier of practical solutions for the industrial power transmission.

The company was established back in 1938, when the mother company started development and production of components for textile industry. Later, SCAGLIA branched out into mechanical transmission field.
It was in the post-war period that the Melucci brothers started an artisan enterprise, producing mechanical parts in a small building next to their house, by recycling war relics and munition dumps left on their city, Rimini.
Following the industrial boom in the 70’s, Melucci family decided to establish their headquarter in Covignano, another district of Rimini, becoming a real mechanical company providing spare parts for factories and industrial machinery.

Another relocation in 1974 started the transformation that brought to the modern day Melucci company. The sale of spare parts became the core business, with the support of a workshop dedicated to assembling and customized machining.

Melucci company became part of Scaglia group in 2008 and keeps working on innovative technologies which will define the future reference technological environment.
The expansion that followed the acquisition by Scagliagroup generated new needs for our company. For this reason, in 2012 we moved to the current headquarter in Via Emilia (Rimini), with more offices and a larger warehouse for a total of 3000 square meters.

Today, thanks to the 50 years’ experience in the linear motion transmission field and thanks to a good team of highly trained employees, the group keeps growing and developing new technologies, and it’s able to offer the best solution for power transmission and linear motion.

Our Mission – Vision

Our mission is to supply the best technical, logistic and working solutions, which could optimise our customers’ total cost of ownership.

Our vision is: Linear motion systems that could improve the machine performances and, after all, the quality of life.

Logistic – Services

The logistic department is a key function; in order to meet the more and more demanding customers’ requirements, we offer an added value through the following services:

• Two vehicles with our driver
• Kanban
• Just in time
• Milk run

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Group identity

Melucci belongs to an important industrial group with historical roots, which kept the founder’s values and constantly evolved in various industrial sectors. Belonging to a large group allows to obtain good synergies and financial stability, granting us a constant growth.