The power output from an electrical motor can be adjusted with a gearbox or a speed reducer. Our staff is at your complete disposal for helping you in the choice of various components, in order to find the best technical solution.

Nidec servo reducers
Nidec servo reducers

All Nidec servo reducers are designed in order to offer a wide array of products easy to choose and configure. This gives an excellent flexibility to the customer. Our expert staff can support you when developing a new system or when switching from other existing products. Nidec servo reducers offer high reliability and top-class performance.

  • Inline coaxial epicycloidal reducers
  • Right angle planetary gearboxes
  • Elastic deformation Flex-wave reducers
  • Coronex cycloidal reducers
Hydromec gearboxes
Hydromec gearboxes

Reducing speed is an essential step in the power transmission process. The internal gears allow to reduce the output shaft rotating speed, thus improving the moving load inertial force, depending on ratio between the driving gear and the driven gear.

  • Worm gearboxes
  • Coaxial gearboxes
  • Shaft mounted compact gearboxes
  • Helical bevel gearboxes

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