Clamp locking devices

Clamp locking devices allow the shaft integral connection with hub.

SIT-LOCK® Keyless locking devices

Calettatori per attrito ideali per ogni applicazione di collegamento albero-mozzo. Possono fissare qualsiasi corpo di mozzo, volani, ruote per catena, ingranaggi, leve, pulegge, giunti ecc. Disponibili a magazzino una vasta gamma di calettatori SIT-LOCK® che consentono di coprire una ampia gamma di applicazioni.


  • Cost reduction
  • Suitable for innovative applications
  • Excellent axial and angular positioning
  • Suitable for acceleration and deceleration management
  • Backlash-free
  • Easy mounting la riduzione dei costi dell’assieme

Self-locking bushing SERLOCK®

SERLOCK® is our patented innovative locking system that mixes the usual advantages of a standard clamping device with the versatility of taper bushings. This series grants full interchangeability with any type of taper bushing, including our SER-SIT® bushings.

Available sizes: 1108, 1210, 1610, 2012, 2517 and 3020, with bore diameters from 12mm up to 70mm.


  • Backlash-free
  • Easy mounting
  • Cost efficient, since no further machining is required

SER-SIT® taper bushings

SER-SIT® taper bushings allow to assemble and dismantle pulleys and other transmission units easily and quickly, using just an Allen wrench.


  • No clearance between shaft and bore
  • Easy and quick mounting
  • High interchangeability with other widespread taper bushings

If application is characterised by strong vibrations, we highly recommend to check at regular time intervals the tightening of screws after running a few hours. Manufacturer won’t and can’t be held responsible for any consequences deriving from accidental unscrewing during use. 
Our technical department is at your complete disposal for further information.  

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