MTECH® Precision straight gears and helical gears

Precision gears are available in stock with various pitch diameters and different teeth number, with quality level 6, straight toothing or helical toothing (left helix, angle 19°31’42”), casehardened and completely ground, with bore made in tolerance, ready for the hot mounting on reducer. The assembling can be made by our experienced technicians, thanks to our dedicated workstation.
Toothing is made with same profile as the rack. This guarantees the quality of the product and overall application smooth running.

Precision gears are made with the following technical features:

Material: 18NiCrMo5 or 16MnCr5 with casehardening treatment (hardness 58-60 HRC)
Toothing: Helical with left helix (standard) or right helix, with angle 19°31’42”. Upon request it’s possible to make different helix angles, following customer’s needs.
Precision: Quality DIN 4, ground.
Diameter: Up to 400mm for Module 8.
Non standard sizes are available upon request.
Upon request, we can supply also: test report certificate, pitch error report, material certificate, metallographic examination and cross-section sample for checking the hardening depth.

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