MTECH® Precision lock nuts

MTECH® precision lock nuts allow an easy mounting process, holding the axial load over time thanks to their geometrical position which is obtained through the most advanced and innovative machineries. The product quality allows to mount the assembly on same axis with a maximum run out error of 5 microns.
Furthermore, the bronze lock pins and grub screws allow to keep the perfect balancing during rotation.
The 12,9-grade flat screws and the advanced fixing system ensure the hold on axial load over time, even at high speed.

Thanks to phosphate coating treatment, MTECH® lock nuts are suitable for all industrial applications.

MTECH® lock nuts available series:
MR series: MR lock nuts are thinner and suitable for installation in tight spaces.
MF series: MF nuts can ensure their precision over time, even after multiple assembly and disassembly operations.
MK series: MK series products are locked by their thread axial deformation. Run out can be adjusted increasing or decreasing the tightening force of the axial screw.
MA series: MA series nuts are similar to MK, and they are suitable for special environmental conditions.
MN series: MN lock nuts are locked by thread deformation and run out can be adjusted. They ensure higher locking capacity than other lock nuts, almost double if compared to other series.
MFA series: MFA series nuts are suitable for clamping by wrench, for easy installation and steady locking.
MRN series: MRN model is square, perfect for the bearing supporting seats.
MAN series: The MAN series structure is lightweight and simple, suitable for clamping by wrench.

MTECH® precision lock nuts are suitable for every industrial application and they stand out in the market thanks to their excellent quality price ratio.

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