Steel bars, shafts and pipes

The broad selection of steel bars, shafts and pipes, made of hardened steel or chrome plated steel, is one of our strong points.

Since we invested a lot in advanced machineries for automatic cut, and thanks to our highly trained workers, we are able to satisfy even the most demanding customer for what concerns both quality and delivery time. Steel bars and pipes make a cost-efficient linear motion transmission system, together with ball bushings or track rollers.

Chrome plated bars
Induction hardened bars
Induction hardened chrome plated bars
Chrome plated bars

Surface hardening of steel bars obtained by applying a chromium coating allows them to resist to wear. Also, it improves the appearance and add a good resistance to oxidation.

• Material: C45;
• Chromium layer hardness: Minimum 900 HV0,1;
• Chromium layer thickness: 15 microns for diameters up to 19mm – 20 microns for diameters over 20mm;
• Diameters: from 6 to 200mm;
• Tolerance: f7;
• Roughness: 0,2 microns;
• Corrosion resistance: 120 hours for diameter up to 19mm – 200 hours for • diameters over 20mm.

Induction hardened bars

Induction hardening allows to obtain a surface hardness that allows bars to resist to wear when working with ball bushings or track rollers. Also, the bar core stays soft, thus keeping an excellent resilience.  

• Material: Cf53;
• Surface hardness: 62±2 HRC;
Diameters: from 4mm up to 120mm;
Tolerance: h6;
Roughness: 0,2 microns;
Hardening depth: As by standard DIN ISO 15787.

Induction hardened chrome plated bars

Induction hardened chrome plated steel bars and pipes put together the features of hardened items and chrome plated items. It’s an excellent solution for the most demanding applications. 

• Material: Cf53;
• Tolerance: h7;
Diameters: from 6mm up to 200mm;
• Roughness: 0,2 microns.

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