Linear guides system

Standard and miniature linear guides series

Various linear guides series are available: standard series, miniature series, with or without ball chain.

Standard linear guides LGBC and LGBX, sizes from 15mm to 55mm
Single-piece rails with maximum length 4m
Suitable for rail butting
Many different sealings and lubrication solutions.
Wide selection of accessories: dust protection seals, bellows, multi-directional lubrication nozzles, bolts.

Miniature linear guides LGMC and LGMX, sizes from 07mm to 15mm
Single-piece rails with maximum length 2m
Wide and narrow series available
Anti-corrosion treatments available

Ball screws

Ball screws are widely spread because of their advantages:

  • High quality
  • Reliability granted by meticulous quality control of assembled item
  • Great price/quality ratio, thanks to the production costs optimisation
  • Long lifespan, thanks to available seals
  • Wide array of products suitable for many different applications
  • Pitch error calculation protocol is available upon requesT

Rolled ball screws: diameter starting from 6mm up to 80mm, with tolerance class T7

Ground ball screws: diameter starting from 4mm up to 120mm, with tolerance classes T3, T5, P3, P5.

Miniature ball screws

Customised solutions, with custom-made nuts

Standard or custom-made machining. A testing protocol according to DIN/ISO regulations is available upon request. Standard fixed or free supports are available.

Anti-corrosion coating

Industrial applications
Shaping machineries
Assembly lines and automatic production systems
Packing machineries
Printing presses
Aeronautical assembling systems
Woodworking industry
Semi-conductors industry
Medical technologies

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