Chain drives

Our chain drive transmission systems grant high performances on a wide array of industrial applications. Their resistance to wear and fatigue is way above the standard requirements according to ISO regulation. Thanks to the high production capacity, we can offer many different series and also customised products


Simplex, duplex and triplex sprockets for roller chain, according to DIN8187 and ISO/R606 regulations.

Finished bore sprockets, with teeth induction hardening, keyway and two set screws, according to DIN8178 and ISO/R606 regulations. Idler sprockets, complete with assembled ball bearing.

Upon request, we can supply:

  • Stainless steel sprockets
  • Sprockets for taper bushings
  • Sprockets with induction hardened teeth and pilot bore
  • ASA standard size sprockets

Plate wheels

Simplex, duplex and triplex plate wheels for transmission chain, according to DIN8178 and ISO/R606 regulations.

Upon request, we can supply:

  • Stainless steel plate wheels
  • Cast iron plate wheels
  • ASA standard size plate wheels

Chain drives

We can offer various chain series, all with high resistance to wear and fatigue, above the standards defined by DIN606 regulation. Our catalogue includes also conveyor chains (with both straight or right-angle attachments available), chains with rubber jumpers, chains with protruding pins, chains for accumulation industrial lines and chains for low speed heavy load lifting.

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