Belt drives

The wide range of products available is able to satisfy every application equirement regarding power transmission. The in-depth knowledge of aterials and processes combined with the ability to design and produce any type of solution, make it the ideal partner for machine and plant builders.

Rubber belt drives
Polyurethane belt drives
Rubber belt drives

The rubber belt drives are designed to meet the most advanced application requirements. The continuous focus on customer needs allows us to provide the widest range of products and solutions for every application in both light and heavy industry, also the ability to develop products customizable to specific needs, allow you to create an infinite number of solutions with materials and technologies at the forefront.

  • V-belt drives
  • Poly-V belt drives
  • Rubber toothed belt drives
  • Standard pulleys with hollow hole and custom design.
Polyurethane belt drives

Polyurethane belts allow to offer a wide range of products that satisfy every need in the field of linear transmission, transport, lifting or power transmission.

  • Special belts with different types of coatings
  • Aluminium pulleys and toothed bars
  • Toothed locking plates for belts.

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