Ball bearings and slewing bearings

Wherever there’s a machine there is also a ball bearing reducing the friction, together with a pillow block supporting the shaft and a rod-end which helps reducing the misalignment. The distribution of bearings, pillow blocks and rod-ends is a Melucci strength since the 70’s, in addition to all components necessary for the motion transmission. 


Ball bearings
Bore diameter from 1,5mm up to 1320mm, with a broad selection of ball bearings.  

Spherical roller bearings

Spherical roller bearings are suitable for all application with strong radial solicitations. They bear strong bending of the shaft and help reduce the misalignment between the shaft and its slot. 

Taper roller bearings

Their features offer various advantages in various sectors, such as agricultural, steel, aeolian and railways industry. 

Cylindrical roller bearings

Designed to bear heavy radial loads, so they are suitable specially for industrial applications, such as robotics, aeolian or railways industry. 

There are two kinds of roller bearings:

With cage, suitable for strong accelerations, high speed and heavy radial loads.
Without cage (full complement cylindrical roller bearings) which incorporate a maximum number of rollers, and are therefore suitable for very heavy radial loads. The increased number of rollers also increases radial stiffness.  

Super precision bearings 

Super precision bearings offer the following advantages:
Productivity: production cost optimisation
Precision: High machining quality
Reliability: Reduced maintenance costs
Sustainable design: eco-friendly product 

Slewing bearings
Slewing bearings

Slewing bearings are suitable for machines where a structural part rotates against another one on same axis.

Slewing bearings should bear and transfer the structure loads. It’s also necessary to guarantee the precision grade needed for the application.

Our slewing bearings are perfect for:

  • Heavy applications, requiring high load capacity
  • Applications where precision is needed

Slewing bearings are suitable for many different applications, such as:

  • Aerospaziale e difesa
  • Macchinari industriali
  • Equipaggiamento pesante
  • Energia rinnovabile
  • Sistemi medici
  • Robotica
  • Attrezzature per la produzione di semiconduttori
  • Estrazione del Gasolio
  • Turbine eoliche

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