ST Miniature Stroke Slide Series

High load and high moment capacity

The ST Miniature Stroke Slide Series is designed with two rows of balls. The ball track has a gothic profile design with a 45 degree contact angle to achieve equal load capacity in a mono block. This provides more space for the larger rolling elements while enhancing the load and moment capacity.

High running accuracy and smoothness

The steel balls of the ST miniature stroke slide series roll on the rail without recirculation, resulting in excellent running behaviour, smoothness, low friction, and high accuracy without vibration.

High precision and smoothness

ST miniaturized systems have a point of contact of the balls on the recirculation tracks that allow to reduce vibrations to a minimum, ensuring high positioning accuracy and excellent smoothness.

Easy mounting

The mounting of the ST Miniature Stroke Slide Series is accomplished by fitting the fixing screw downward into the count bore of the rail by intersecting the hole pattern on the block and cage within the hole pitch. The one piece cage therefore does not influence the mounting of the rail while the preload is preset by ball sorting.


The ST Miniature Stroke Slide Series can withstand temperatures of up to 150 °C. There are two treatment options for higher temperature applications:
T1: 200°C
T2: 300°C

Applying treatments for higher temperature applications will reduce the load capacity.

Anti-corrosion feature

The ST Miniature Stroke Slide Series is composed of quenched hardened process stainless steel for the rail, block, and steel balls. The block plate and screws are made of stainless steel as well providing a great model for maintenance and inspection applications.

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