Technical and logistic competence

Pre-sales and post-sales support

Our commercial operators can develop ad hoc applications, by cooperating with our suppliers. This allows us to introduce us as technical solutions suppliers. Also, we can suggest customised products, projected by following the customer’s special requests.

Customer Service

Our customer service gives prompt replies about goods availability, preparing and managing focused offers. Also, it takes care of complaints, giving a complete support and warranty on supplied goods, trying to find the most suitable solution for the customer’s satisfaction.

Workstation for automatic linear guides cutting

The new workstation for cutting linear guides rails, fully automated, grant high productivity and cut precision which allows to joint the linear guides. This allows us to supply a product suitable for the most demanding customers.

Workstation for chain cutting

Thanks to our cut and machining workstation, we can supply: customised chains made as by customer’s drawing, chain selection and coupling, various machining processes and standard chains with custom made length.

Workstation for gearboxes assembling

Specialised technician can assemble worm gearboxes and coaxial gearboxes quickly, granting maximum flexibility and adaptability when choosing the product. We also provide the hot assembling of gears on precision epicycloidal reducers.

Logistic and warehouse

Logistic is the heart of a commercial company. We invested in our warehouse, so we can now offer an added value to our service and we can provide a large variety of products ready for the sale, also with customised solutions. Also, our new automatic warehouse allows us to work with more efficiently and we can prepare the goods in a shorter time, speeding up the delivery services.

Express service and delivery

By contacting our customer service, we can grant delivery of available goods in 24/36 hours. Also, upon request we can offer the following services:


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