Other industrial components

In addition to all supplied industrial parts, we can offer some more product series which can be useful in order to complete the detailed project of machineries for various industrial fields selecting for our customers a wide choice of high-quality products available in stock.

Upon request, we can provide ad hoc solutions and customised details for every kind of mechanical part, even made according to the customers’ drawings.

• Mechanical components machined according to a drawing
• Flexible pipes
• Sintered bushes
• Rollers and roller conveyor systems
• Electrical motors
• Aluminium modular profiles
• Metal bases and anti-vibration mounts
• Oil seals and O-rings
• Ball transfer units
• Sliding baseplates for electrical motors
• Automatic tensioners
• TPN nuts and screws
• Industrial vibrators
• Lubricants and chemical products
• Handgrips, knobs and handles
• Gas springs

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